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Aluminium Composite Panel
  • Marble Aluminum Composite Panels can not only achieve a realistic effect of marble design, but also has the traditional advantages of acp, such as plasticity, easy construction, etcJavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

  • Marble ACP aluminum composite panel AULAND Interior Marble Series is specially designed for all round interior decoration and furniture product outlook enhancement applications, which characterized by the abundant patterns, enormous coloring, robust and enhanced hardness, ease of fabrication and transport.

  • Aluwedo is a reliable marble texture aluminum composite material panel manufacturer and supplier, offers a wide range of interior and exterior decorative ACP panels for customersOur aluminum composite panels can be used as architectural wall cladding, building façade, advertising signage, commercial entryway, etc.

  • Aluminum composite materials are easy to fabricate for practically any interior or exterior application, and the advanced fluoropolymer finish is designed to keep the stone panel effect looking beautiful for decadesThe production process of Stone Finish Aluminum Composite Panels

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