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Aluminium Composite Panel
  • Providing High Performance Fire Protection For Fireproofing Wood.

  • Find Fireproof TimberCheck Out Results from Across the Web

  • Fireproofing Wood With Firefree Class AFully Tested Cost Efficient.

  • Various kinds of wood grain are availableThe wood grain aluminum composite panel adopts superior coating material PPG and BeckerWe provide years of guarantee period for the outer wooden PVDF ACM coating as well as internal polyester ACM coating.

  • To summarize it, the fireproof aluminum composite panel is a material of high caliber and reasonable value that has a wide region of utilizationThe entirety of the materials that have a place with this gathering, for example, the Fireproof Aluminum Composite Sheet items, are produced using two aluminum sheets that are coupled or fortified

  • In addition, wood aluminum composite panels and outdoor decorative aluminum plastic panels are made of fluorocarbon coatings, which have high durability and low daily maintenance costs, reducing the overall life cycle costA wide range of uses The aluminum composite panels is cost effective and has a wide range of usesIt can be used for

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