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Aluminium Composite Panel
  • Its the perfect choice for canopies, fascia, signage and other applications requiring maximum durability and weatherabilityGRAPHIC AL DP offers all the advantages of GRAPHIC AL OR in a composite panel designed specifically for direct print applications including compatibility with flatbed printers and UV curable ink.

  • ACM ACP Panels is widely using on signage field , and as UV printing sign board .The matte white color is better for printable , glossy colors is not The popular Aluminum Composite Panel for

  • Types Banners, Posters, Lawn Signs, Car Magnets, Real Estate Signs

  • This features full color, photographic quality reproductions that are printed on both sides of the aluminum composite panelUV printed graphics are fade resistant and hard wearingTherefore, this printing process is very appealing for use on outdoor, high resolution signage.

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