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Aluminium Composite Panel
  • We Design, Manufacture Print SEG LIghtbox Displays Framed or Frameless Day TurnaroundSEG Frames For Retail to Exhibitions to ShowroomsFast Delivery to Your City.

  • For durable signage that looks great both inside and outside, ACM signs are the right choiceACM (Aluminium Composite Material) is also often referred to by the below Trade Marked NamesACM (Aluminium Composite Material) ACP (Aluminium Composite Panel) Alu Panel ACP panel

  • View our ACM Panel Clip System (PDF) PolyMetal Sign PanelsPolyMetal sign panels are comprised of a recycled thermoplastic core sandwiched between two sheets of finished aluminum on one or two sidesThe recycled thermoplastic core lends itself to resisting moisturePolyMetal panels being flat and smooth feature the ability to digitally print

  • Types Wall Mounted, Lightbox, Freestanding, Suspended, Modular

  • Aluminum Composite Panels for the Sign IndustryGraphicsWith thinner gauge aluminum skins, MAX metal Lite provides a more cost conscious ACM solution.

  • ACM signs are very durable, of reasonably light weight and have excellent weather resistanceThe material has flat panels that consist of a non aluminium core bonded between two aluminium sheetsAluminium Composite is very rigid and strong despite its reasonably light weightVibrant colours and messages can be displayed on ACM signs at an

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  • SEG LIghtbox Display For Retail to Exhibitions to ShowroomsFast Delivery to Your CityWe Design, Manufacture Print SEG LIghtbox Displays Framed or Frameless Day Turnaround

  • When it comes to consistency and precision, aluminum composite materials are among the best metal construction products the industry has to offerACM panels are flat when manufactured and stay flat even after installationThere is no "oil canning" or wrinkling because the skins are bonded to the core under tension, which produces a balanced

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